You have the occasion, we have the location!
Celebrations, meetings, dinners in the National Museums in Berlin

When you think of the museums in Berlin, the Museum Island, the Pergamon Museum or the bust of Queen Nefertiti possibly cross your mind. Perhaps you also think of the National Museums in Berlin, for to these belong the three. Thus they are part of a world-famous Universal Museum of 16 houses for the preservation, research and mediation of treasures of art and culture of the entire history of humanity.

Something you may not know: the National Museums in Berlin can do more!
They can change into highly attractive event locations. And you can be the host there!

Museum&Location is your contact for exclusive events in the National Museums in Berlin. Whether dinner, gala, summer party or conference - Museum&Location assists you in all issues concerning the planning of your event and rents out the suitable location for your special occasion. The best thing about it: With your event at the National Museums in Berlin you do not only give your guests and yourself a treat but in addition you do a good deed. The proceeds of your event will be devoted to the National Museums in Berlin at 100% and will finance future exhibition projects.

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